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Using a coffee percolator is a great way to make tea instead of heating one cup of water at a time. It may take some trial and error to fine-tune the process for individual brands and varieties of tea.<div>Using the percolator, on the other hand, eliminates the majority of the difficulty from the tea brewing procedure!

If you enjoy tea but do not have a teapot or other brewing equipment, the process of making tea can be inconvenient. Boiling water for one cup of tea at a time gets old fast, especially if you drink multiple cups during the day.

There are, however, other ways to make a relaxing cup of tea, such as using a coffee percolator. We have put together a list of how to prepare tea in a coffee percolator in six steps, along with vital details and supplies you will need, to help you avoid future headaches and annoyance.

Things needed to make tea in a coffee percolator.

Fortunately, preparing tea in a coffee percolator requires very little effort. All you will need are the following items:

  • Water
  • Coffee Percolator
  • Tea bags or tea leaves

Note that if you are using tea leaves, you will need to use a filter, similar to how you would make coffee. With tea bags, a filter is not essential because the bag keeps the tea leaves confined. A paper towel will serve if you do not have any filters.

How do I get the coffee taste out of the percolator?

The foul taste of old coffee seeping into your tea from a dirty percolator is the number one thing that can ruin your percolator tea. Even if you clean it well by hand, well-loved percolators have a strong coffee aroma and flavor that may interfere with the flavor of your tea.

Here are the steps to deep cleaning a percolator if you are encountering a lot of residue or build-up that is causing an off taste:

  • Fill the percolator with water up to the fill line.
  • In a large mixing bowl, dissolve three tablespoons of baking soda in the water.
  • Start the percolator and let it run for a full cycle.
  • Wait for the water to cool down before cleaning the inside with a brush.
  • Drain the water and rinse thoroughly.
  • Fill the percolator half-and-half with white vinegar or apple cider vinegar and water.
  • Allow the percolator to run for another full cycle before dumping the vinegar/water mixture.
  • Rinse away any vinegar or residual grinds with one or more cycles of plain water.
A coffee percolator

Steps on how to make tea with a coffee percolator.

Before I walk you through the procedures, keep in mind that some of them differ depending on whether you have a stovetop or an electric percolator. Within each phase, differences will be noted.

1. Clean the percolator completely

Cleaning the percolator well before using it is essential, especially if you use it to brew coffee. Cleaning the percolator will ensure that your tea tastes just the way you want it to.

Whether you are brewing tea or coffee, your percolator should be completely hand-washed and rinsed after every use to keep it clean.

2. Add water to the percolator and assemble it

Fill the percolator to the appropriate fill-line measurement with cold water. You can have a maximum fill line of six cups, eight cups, twelve cups, and so on, depending on your percolator. Warm water should never be used to fill the percolator since it can harm it.

Fill the percolator basket and rod with cold water when it has been filled.

3. Pour in the tea in the percolator basket

Position the tea leaves or tea bag in the basket after the rod and basket are in place. When using loose tea leaves, remember to use a filter or a paper towel.

4. Turn on or heat the percolator and start the brewing process

After you have placed your tea in the basket, plug in the percolator and turn it on. Use a medium heat source, such as a stovetop burner or a bonfire, if you are using a stovetop percolator.

Allow the percolator to complete one complete cycle. The greater the flavor of your tea will be the longer you leave it in the percolator. A whole cycle takes approximately ten minutes to complete. If steam appears to be rising from your percolator, the temperature is too high.

If it is a stovetop percolator, make sure it is unplugged or disconnected from the heat source. After a few minutes, return to the heat. If required, repeat the procedure.

5. Disconnect the percolator

Remove the rod and basket after the percolator has completed its cycle and the tea has brewed. Remove the tea bag and any remaining leaves.

6. Reattach the percolator lid and pour the tea

Replace the percolator lid now that the rod and basket have been removed. The tea is nice and hot at this stage, and it is ready to be served. Be patient, and remember to allow your tea the time it needs to cool down for the best flavor.

Enjoy your tea, and remember to hand-wash and rinse the percolator when you finish.

The amount of tea you require is entirely dependent on your particular tastes and the sort of tea you use. You will need more tea if the tea is stronger, and vice versa. When it comes to the amount of tea consumed, certain brands or types of tea, such as green tea, may require some experimentation.

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